Bacon Bacon takes first place in Bacon Takedown

Bacon Bacon Takes 1st Place

via San Francisco Bacon Takedown

What a fiendishly rad expose of the possibilities of bacon.  SF has always been a majorly fun food stop.  [more]Everyone talks about the restaurants and chefs, but here’s the Takedown to once again prove that the average joe’s walking the streets over there are actually not so average!!!!  In fact, let’s burn every restaurant down!!! Trust me, it won’t be anarchy.  There’s way too much yummy talent in this town-  a new cooking culture will form, of good old fashioned home cooks with boundless energy and rad strength.  THANK YOU COOKS!!!

And thank you to my sponsor Hormel Black Label Bacon for letting this thing tour the planet and give endless amounts of bacon to competitors wherever we go!!  And Public Works, for being a fantastic venue for this madness to ensue…

Check out this incredibly extensive and caring article by Judge Josh Leskar!  That dude really cares, and gave his thoughts on all the recipes!!! Thanks for being the best judge ever, Josh!!!


4th Place #14 Christy Canida – Bacon Pixie Sticks
3rd Place #11 Joyce Tang “S’more Bacon”
2nd Place #17 Jim Angelus and the Bacon Bacon Truck  Chicken Fried Bacon Balls
1st Place #6 Dennis and Nina Murphy – Baco Yaks

3rd #7 Tomas Puig – Bacon Cheddar Soup
2nd #2 Krista – Little Squealer Meatballs
1st #17 Jim Angelus and the Bacon Bacon Truck Chicken Fried Bacon Balls

Bacon Bacon Heads to Outside Lands


Bacon Bacon will be in attendance at this year’s Outside Lands Festival. Take a look at our schedule below.

Friday: 11am–10pm

Saturday: 11am–10pm

Sunday: 11am–9:30pm

Bacon’s Boom in the West

via Via Magazine, AAA, by Carolyn Jung

Taste bacon burgers, bacon jam, bacon chocolates, and much more at ten spots in nine Western states.

With bacon now showing up in ice cream, breath mints, and vodka, you might think that the mania for the salty meat has peaked. Think again. Some 44 percent of U.S. consumers eat bacon at least once every two weeks—a record high, say trend-watchers. Here’s where it’s sizzling.

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8 mind-blowing bacon dishes

8 mind-blowing bacon dishes

via Fox News

There are few foods that elicit the same passionate response as bacon. Crumbled over a wedge salad, fried up in thick strips and piled on a BLT, or whipped up into a frothy milkshake, fans of this porky product will eat it in almost anything. And when it comes to an ingredient this inspiring, it’s no wonder chefs across the country are dreaming up dishes that showcase bacon in unique and outrageous ways.

These days bacon has moved light years beyond its classic post alongside scrambled eggs – it’s intoxicating scent is being featured in a fragrance, it’s essence is being used in lip balm (perfect for those trying to attract fellow bacon lovers), and some particularly devoted fans are even tattooing strips of the stuff on their bodies. For those who are not fully satisfied simply ordering a bacon cheeseburger or spritzing themselves with bacon-scented perfume, the folks behind have created an online toolbar that allows users to adorn any web page with a slab of bacon.

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Who to Follow on Twitter: 140 Restaurants and Foodies

Who to Follow on Twitter: 140 Restaurants and Foodies


by Zaggat Staff

Not sure who to follow in the foodie Twitterverse? Check out our indispensable guide to 140 must-read accounts, including chefs, food media and restaurants.

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United States of Food



Everyone has a bucket list of things to accomplish in their lifetime. They usually look a bit like this: hike the Appalachian Trail, visit Graceland, go on a New Orleans ghost tour, get pulled onto stage at a Vegas magic show – but Chef Todd Fisher hungers for experiences with a bit more meat to them. As a life-long restaurateur, Chef Todd’s passion for palate pleasers has him questing for the best bacon, burgers, and steaks at not just eateries, but meat temples, across the nation in Destination America’s new original series UNITED STATES OF FOOD, premiering Sunday, July 8 at 10 PM E/P with “United States of Bacon.” Subsequent episodes include “United States of Burgers” on July 15 and “United States of Steak” on July 22.

Throughout the series, UNITED STATES OF FOOD visits venues with the best and most innovative menus items in the nation. Making Chef Todd’s “bucket list” are pop culture mainstays like Chicago’s Billy Goat Tavern, whose “cheeburgers” were made famous by Saturday Night Live, as well as trail-blazing small businesses like the Bacon Bacon Truck in San Francisco and their traffic-stopping grilled cheese, which oozes bacon jam in addition to containing a few strips of the real stuff. A visit to NYC’s famous Crif Dogs proves serendipitous as record-holding hot dog competitive eater Takeru Kobayashi is spotted among the crowd of diners tasting his first bacon-wrapped hot dog. UNITED STATES OF FOOD rounds out its journey at venues as interesting as the dishes they concoct, such as The Grill House in Allegan, Mich., a grill-your-own steak joint that is also rumored to be haunted.

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The Burger gets serenaded by Zach Selwyn

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Food Truck Lures Bacon Lovers


Rob Marciano shares the story of Jim Angelus, the man behind San Francisco’s Bacon Bacon food truck. 

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Bacon Bacon on Headline News


Jim Angelus, owner of Bacon Bacon, discusses the business of bacon on Headline News.

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Bacon Bacon on United States of Bacon

Bacon Bacon on United States of Bacon

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